Men's Ministry

The men's ministry at HTC is currently using a book called Maximized Manhood: a guide to family survival; by Edwin Louis Cole. The book is used as a guide in the material taught to these men monthly.

Testomnies from wives after men has been in the class at Men's Ministry :

" My husband has done dishes for me for the first time, and gives me compliments." We have been married for over 25 years and I see a change in him"--DM

"My dog, did a real bad number in our house of diarrhea, the smell almost made me throw up, my husband cleaned it up for me and when I asked,'How is it that you are doing this?' he responded, "Maximize Manhood."-SMR
We women at HTC want to honor our men and honor the Marines for sharing this video below:
"OORAH! DAYS OF ELIJAH!!" Marines at Camp Pendleton

To: The Mighty Men (All ages) at HAVEST TIME CHURCH- KEEPERS OF THE GATES & WATCHMEN OF THE WALL IN HONOR OF ALL OUR GODLY MEN AT HTC- who Serve FEARLESSLY day and night- AS OUR "WARRIORS & MIGHTY MEN OF VALOR" For the Kingdom's Sake. YOU ARE BOLD, COURAGEOUS, an DEDICATED TO FIERCELY LOCK ARMS AGAINST ANY UNSEEN ENEMY AND DETERMINED TO DECLARE, "NOT ON OUR WATCH! " We bless you, honor you, and appreciate the way you uphold your places in the Kingdom of God- "OORAH! TO OUR MEN" Isaiah 60:1  ( Oorah! signified to a Marine he was battle-ready) 
From: Sandra Hales and HTC HandMaidens of the Lord.