Greg Van Gorp, Senior Pastor
work: 912-925-9300
Email: harvesttimesavannah@gmail.com
Pastor Greg Van Gorp Bio
Pastor Greg Van Gorp graduated from World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio in May 1997. Then after graduation, and while visiting South Carolina; friends in Savannah, Georgia asked them to come to Savannah and visit also. As they were coming over the Tallmadge Bridge, the Holy Spirit spoke to the VanGorps saying, “I am calling you to a people you do not know, trapped in the bondage of a slave mentality.” He also heard the Lord say, “I am calling you to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children so the hearts of the children will turn to the Father.”
Upon their return to Columbus, and full of excitement about what the Holy Spirit had revealed to them, the Lord opened the door for the VanGorps to begin a television ministry called, “It’s Harvest Time” and was broadcasting soon on Savannah’s local access channel 17. Eighteen months later on September 27, 1999 the VanGorp family moved to Savannah. In October 2000, Victory Harvest Ministries of Savannah, Inc., VHMOS was born. Victory Harvest Ministries was an outreach ministry to the downtown and project- areas of Savannah.
In May 2006 the ministry moved to Pooler, Georgia and initially met in a hotel until they were able to find a building. After prayer and fasting, in December 2007, Harvest Time Church was born at 409 West Highway 80, Pooler, and Georgia. Harvesting souls with a mission and save the lost at any cost.
In October 2010, on the church’s ten year anniversary, God gave a great gift to the church body land to build their own church building for God’s tabernacle. Again, it was with much prayer and fasting that God released this gift to the ministry. God gave a promise to the church through 1 Chronicles 17:9-10… “I foretell to you, the LORD WILL BUILD you a house.” Harvest Time Church seeks to provide a multi-faceted ministry that ministers to the needs of people of all races, colors, gender, nationalities, ages, occupations and vocations, whether that be spiritually, emotionally or socially. This is done through our outreaches and Victory Harvest Food Pantry. Pastor
often says, ‘The measure of a person is the measure of the Word of God which abides in their heart.” ‘A good theology is paramount to a good psychology.” And “The clothes do not make a man, right thinking makes the man. Our goal is to see transformed lives through the burning fire of the Holy Spirit and to go love as Christ did.