Aaron Van Gorp, Youth Pastor
work: 912-925-9300
Email: harvesttimesavannah@gmail.com
I was born in 1989 to Greg & Donna Van Gorp in Canton, Oh. The oldest of four children. Having been raised in a very Word-based Christian home, I had an awareness of God from an early age. I prayed the sinners prayer at the age of 4 and always knew God would someday use me. 
As a preteen I found a new world.  Exposer to the world of friends and fun was new and seemed amazing. I began to follow them instead of lead and I slowly drifted from God. God tugged on my heart and a true repentance followed. I began to relentlessly pursue God. Devouring everything I could learn from my parents, I soon began fasting and praying with my dad. While reading Romans 11 one day God said to me, “ Aaron, I have a remnant army I am rising up to shake the Earth with one final revival before my return.” I began to burn in my spirit with the desire to somehow tell others what God told me.
 From that day till now I have been pursuing that burning call to beckon this young generation to know a true and loving God. To impart into the youth the revelation of whom they can be in God is my mission. God has chosen to bless me with a help mate to run this course with me. So April 25th,2015, I married Yariela Blanco, a Costa Rican beauty that has given me our daughter, Elise Danielle. Our vision is to set  people ablaze for the Kingdom of God.