About Our Church

Harvest Time Church (HTC) wants to welcome you to our website. HTC seeks to provide multi-faceted ministries that minister to the needs of people of all races, colors, gender, nationalities, ages, occupations and vocations, whether that be spiritually, emotionally or socially. HTC has a food pantry still under contraction since our move and limited space. You can call our church number for those needing food assistance. Harvest Time Church and Victory Harvest Food Pantry are the outreach ministries of
Victory Harvest Ministries of Savannah, Inc.

HTC is a ministry that believes in the God-given, pre-ordained potential in every person.  Pastors Greg and Donna Van Gorp and their family are committed to helping people discover and develop that potential to the fullest.They are dedicated to raising up an army of saints that reveal the kingdom of God, manifest the glory of God and model the life of God in their daily purpose and walk.  The Van Gorp's believe that every child of God is called to personal greatness and, as believers develop in their personal walk with God, this greatness grows to its full potential. 
Therefore, Pastors Greg, his wife, Donna and son, Youth Pastor Aaron are motivated to teach revelatory insights and Biblical interpretations that unlock hidden truths in the Word of God.  We can quote Pastor Greg as saying,“The measure of a man or woman is the measure of the Word of God which abides in their heart. And a good theology is paramount to a good psychology.  The clothes do not make a man, right thinking makes a man.”
HTC provides an atmosphere where people from all walks of life can come into the body of Christ and freely worship God and in His presence be transformed from glory to glory! Our greatest desire is for people to receive the burning fire of the Holy Spirit and to go out loving, with the love of Christ, transforming lives as they go. Pastor Greg preaches, that by being the salt and light of the earth to those around us; many lives, communities,and nations will be transformed for our Lord!

We invite you to come grow with us!